A senior executive with extensive experience of implementing change in both small and large companies, working at both board and senior management level, Graeme demonstrates manufacturing and operational expertise gained in interim and permanent roles for Securicor, BMW, Thales, Marconi as well as numerous UK SMEs.

As an experienced general manager and operations professional and programme manager successful in managing major projects and turning around underachieving programmes, Graeme has delivered specific measurable outcomes for both large and small companies:

  • In a seven-month assignment, restructured and grew operations for a manufacturer of robotic Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs) located in the Republic of Ireland, following its acquisition by a UK company. Graeme transformed operations such that the client’s order book increased from €300,000 to €3 million, with 32 ROVs to be built this year instead of the 20 originally forecast. Staff, both permanent and contract, increased from 5 to 22, and Graeme created a capable, motivated and flexible team, who want to make the operation successful. Under Graeme’s direction, the factory and the equipment have been refurbished and major investment put in, and significant new steps taken to ensure product reliability and quality.
  • Acted as trainer and coach responsible for developing group working and continuous improvement processes amongst the line management in an automotive paint shop. As a result, automotive production volumes increased by 20%, with corresponding improvements in quality.
  • Delivered on time a cash operation in a new state-of-the-art facility.
  • Managed and merged two cash operations at separate locations and with diverse cultures.
  • As interim manufacturing manager responsible for assembly, test and stores associated with the manufacture of submarine outboard sonar equipment, doubled the production output on a consistent basis and introduced pull manufacture into the factory and supply chain.
  • Achieved sales and profits well in excess of those budgeted (9% and 27%) in a 16-month assignment as manufacturing director and de facto general manager for a global designer and supplier of assembled and tested electronic circuit boards.
  • For the same company, set up Swiss management company with British and Dutch subsidiaries, developed strategy with global suppliers to improve material availability and implemented lean manufacturing.
  • Improved on time delivery performance by 75% as interim operations manager at a company performing sub-contract machining of precision parts for medical, automotive and defence companies.
  • Reduced order arrears by a factor of three in four months, as manufacturing director with full profit and loss responsibility for the manufacturing division in a company supplying traffic management systems, speed cameras and traffic monitoring equipment.
  • For the same company, improved on time deliveries from 40% to more than 80% in four months.
  • Managed a staff of 120 as manufacturing support manager responsible for all production engineering, functional test, calibration and test maintenance activities. In conjunction with British Aerospace, developed their manufacturing strategy.
  • For the same company, introduced cellular manufacturing and reduced cost of quality by over £1m per year.

Graeme holds a BSc (Hons) in Electrical Engineering from Imperial College London and is a Chartered Engineer, MIEE. He has also completed an EITB Fellowship in Manufacturing Management at the Cranfield Institute of Technology, including a six-month foundation phase and a 12-month industrial phase with Black & Decker.