As a senior manager in the IT and customer care arena, Greg B has been at the forefront of many major change programmes and has worked with some of the biggest names in the IT sector, including Carphone Warehouse, COLT, NTL, Omne Communications and Mercury Communications, as well as high profile companies such as Christies.

He specialises in bringing about improvement through change in processes, systems, people and commercial relationships and has over 25 successful projects under his belt, delivering £120 million in increased profit.

  • Headed customer billing change programme for Carphone Warehouse’s launch of ‘Free to Talk’ service. Restructuring the team with 50% increase and introducing best practice resulted in the team hitting 100% performance targets for billing accuracy and timeliness and customer base growing from 385,000 to over 500,000 in less than three months.
  • Led change programme for Mercury Communications, introducing financial packages to improve the performance of company wide financial performance, cost centre management budget control and profit and loss. Cost saving over £30 million.
  • Led the integration of NTL and CWC’s billing operation after the acquisition of CWC. Improved profit in first year by £25 million.
  • Also for NTL, led the change of call charging and call rating throughout the entire NTL customer base. Improved the profit margins by £15 million in first year.
  • As Director of Customer Operations for Omne Communications Ltd, implemented an IT infrastructure to support broadband digital technology.
  • Led the development of third party supplier contracts (Scottish Telecom, Demon, Thus and other communications vendors) for Omne Communications.
  • As Director of Billing Operations for NTL, controlled annual budgets of in excess of £70 million plus per annum and supported a customer base of 5.5 million customers.
  • As an interim management consultant, Greg planned and project managed an IT change programme which consisted of the consolidation of five regional offices into one. The programme was delivered on time and within budget thereby resulting in an overall cost saving of 20%.