Ian knows how to drive profit and loss performance through marketing and selling to large complex organisations and by managing the customer care and supply logistics processes.

  • As interim sales leader he re-launched an IT company.
  • Grew the after-market sales of an automotive operation by £1.5 million.
  • When director of sales and customer service delivered customer service savings of £2.5 million to a manufacturing company.
  • Also outsourced the warehousing, logistics and stock control process resulting in a further £500,000 saving per annum.
  • Grew gross margins from 35% to 40%.
  • Managed key accounts in UK, Ireland and Europe worth £45 miilion.
  • As interim sales and marketing director at an automotive industry supplier grew sales by 30% and took the business into profit.
  • Through careful market analysis, price modelling, promotion and market repositioning improved the sales of a manufacturer by £5 million and margins by £1 million.
  • Identified a market of £150 million and profit stream of £20 million when consulting for a distribution company.