Martin has enjoyed many challenges in a mainly HR career - project and programme management, organisational change and restructuring, business transformation, process re-engineering, internal communications, business strategy and business planning.

With experience also in IT, sales and operations, he describes himself as pragmatic, commercially and financially attuned, with a reputation for getting things done.

Areas of Expertise

  • Project and programme management
  • Organisational change
  • Human Resource management
  • Business transformation
  • Internal communications
  • Process re-engineering

Career Highlights

  • As HR Development Manager at a major financial services group, Martin was responsible for developing and making 'behavioural change' possible within the 17,000-strong organisation as part of an overall business transformation programme. Also member of a team devising both corporate and HR strategy.
  • Managed the national recruitment team responsible for resourcing policy and manpower planning. Overhauled and implemented new national attraction and recruitment process, designed to attract higher calibre sales staff, following a year-long recruitment freeze. Using a fresh set of competencies, devised different competency based assessment centres and validated results using external psychologists. New style newspaper advertisements nominated by national newspaper as one of best examples of recruitment advertising.
  • Led project team of accountants and actuaries to assess the underlying economic position of the distribution channels. Presented and recommended alternative strategic options to the main board which led to a shift in the business thinking and ultimately to a radical shift in distribution channel mix.

Interim Assignments

  • HM Prison Service - team consulting role undertaking a strategic review of the 2,500 prison service headquarter personnel, with specific responsibility for reviewing and making recommendations on corporate services activity.
  • Working across four companies within an Australian financial services group and with four external suppliers, Martin was pivotal to the design and build of customer facing processes and capabilities of a start-up online business.
  • At Britannic PLC Martin led an HR project to design and implement a restructure of the group finance department, including organisation and job design, competency based assessment and selection.

This Expert in Action


The Challenge

  • Major loss-making distribution conglomerate had weak change capability in its core finance function.
  • Area required complete 'makeover' to revitalise performance and to make it 'fit for purpose'.
  • Equally consistent with the requirement for the appointment of energetic and commercially orientated managers was the need for cost savings.
  • Need for a deeper talent pool also identified as key to succession planning.
  • Union officials to be kept 'on side'.

What He Delivered

The end product is a rejuvenated group finance function with a mainly new management team and a core of young commercial finance professionals who are able to support the Chief Financial Officer. Martin's role throughout allowed the CFO to better focus on the core business challenges without being distracted by getting too closely involved in the detailed process of internal change.


  • In partnership with senior finance and personnel management, Martin devised and introduced new organisation structures, with clear accountabilities through facilitated workshops and interviews.
  • Selection methods were put in place, and unions consulted throughout.
  • Staff were briefed, assessments held, selection decisions made and some people were displaced.
  • Employed headhunters to attract new senior management and a specialist finance recruitment company to attract vibrant, commercially experienced staff to fill middle and more junior ranking roles - in a short lead time.
  • Adopted a sensitive but single-minded approach to engage support from other areas of the business and achieve results.