A results-oriented senior executive, Martin has progressive management experience gained in finance and operation management. Martin can be considered an expert within start-up and turnaround projects – with the ability to identify and capitalise on opportunities. He is particularly adept when leading corporate and organisation change, negotiating and implementing complex contracts and ensuring risk management.

Martin is Managing Director of his own Consultancy Service which carries out commercial negotiations and project management for clients. He has experience of working as an options trader, a structured deals senior trader and as a director working in natural gas portfolio management. More recently, he was Chief Operations Officer / Senior Director of Commercial Operations for Duke Energy International. Some of Martins career highlights:

  • As Managing Director of his own consultancy service, appointed Director and Managing Director for a biofuels startup company.
  • Managed and advised in dispute resolution on behalf of an energy conglomerate.
  • As Chief Operations Officer for Duke Energy International, negotiated €75 million share sales agreement of a Dutch marketing company and €7 million asset sales agreement of financial trading portfolio.
  • Directed liquidation of power trading portfolio whilst at Duke Energy.
  • Managed the natural gas marketing and retail portfolio expansion from 3% to approximately 10% of the market of Dutch natural gas end-users, developing the transport and storage contracts required for customer portfolio growth.
  • Became a key player in the development of third party access to natural storage facilities in the Netherlands.
  • As structured deals senior trader whilst working at the Bankgesellschaft in Berlin, he restructured and managed the trading book for structured, exotic and complex deals, contributing over €25 million and €30 million within structured book.
  • At ING Bank, developed valuation and optimisation models for interest rate products, creating a global risk management system measuring interest rate exposure on structured and exotic transactions.