Wendy, who has an MBA from Warwick University, is a proven performer at optimising the performance of major call and contact centres in the private and public sectors including work for BT, Consignia, several councils and Lloyds TSB.

Her extensive call centre background combining resourcing and operational expertise is invaluable in the highly people dominated telebusiness arena - including the development of contact centres devised to support the HR function in major organisations.

  • Delivered 16% productivity improvement for a major blue-chip company, annually saving £3 million in two years.
  • Through improved asset utilisation, also saved the company £5.6 million.
  • Has worked extensively with process development, for example, simplifying and streamlining processes in service and support functions to save £2.3 million.
  • In the role of national resource manager for 60 customer-facing call centres employing 12,000 people, managed a budget of £250 million, a nationally dispersed team of 500 and implemented and managed organisation and policy.
  • Managed 24/7 service for 20 sales and service channels handling 4 million calls per week.
  • A strategist as well as a hands-on performer, Wendy helped launch a new approach to enhanced customer loyalty. This encompassed specifying roles, scoping the skills required plus the design and delivery of staff training.
  • Strategically advised the HR department of a large organisation on the development of a Greenfield contact centre dealing with human resource transactions for over 150,000 employees.