Age Concern

Age ConcernWhen the first IT Director left, Age Concern was faced with finding a replacement quickly.

Age Concern is the largest organisation in the UK concerned with older people. Age Concern England, the national body, has an annual turnover in excess of £29 million and has increasingly needed effective computer-based information systems to undertake its work. The role of IT Director is pivotal to the success of the charity.

When the first IT Director left, the charity was faced with finding a replacement quickly. Speed was essential as the Information Services department at Age Concern England was going through a period of major change. Ian Nowell, Age Concern England's Central Services Director, turned to the Internet as a first move in filling the post.

He contacted Executives Online, a specialist consultancy with an approved register of thousands of interim management professionals. Through a process of project definition, candidate selection and interview, John M, an interim expert with vast experience of IT systems management, was appointed within four days!

In taking on the IT remit and working in concert with the leaving IT Director, John M was able to draw up quickly a list of priorities and key responsibilities. He assumed overall management accountability for the IT department and guided the process of change to new outsourced suppliers. "Importantly, John's contribution minimised the risk of this transition," said Ian Nowell.

At the same time, John led a major re-launch of Age Concern's intranet, designed to provide smooth communication between Age Concerns throughout England.

The assignment, although lasting only three months, ensured that Age Concern England also benefited from John M's knowledge on IT strategy. A permanent IT Director replacement was found within the period and so John was also happy to assist in this handover.

"John M easily exceeded his brief," said Ian Nowell. "His contribution has been enormous and we are pleased to say that we are still in touch on a regular basis."