A Franchisee Testimonial

Having held senior roles in Sales, Marketing and Operations since the middle 80s, and having employed well over a thousand individuals from many disciplines, I have seen the varied faces of the recruitment sector first hand – from the exorbitant headhunter variety to the CV farmers who re-circulate their limited CV resource to a mostly unsuspecting audience.

When I was looking to set up my own business, to address the senior recruitment business opportunities that exist for people like me – a businessman who understands other businessmen and their commercial challenges – I decided to invest in the Executives Online method. As a candidate and client I was able to observe Executives Online from both perspectives over a period of time.

As a potential franchisee and investor, the speed and accuracy of the selection process plus the truly priceless talent bank, not forgetting sensible charges, offered me everything I could not replicate for myself easily. Any nagging doubts about the degree of business opportunities disappeared immediately after training. I have more opportunities than I can realistically handle, and I have not had time to exploit my personal network yet. I delivered 70% of my first year bottom line expectation within the first six weeks and expect to have to expand very soon if I am to realize the total opportunity in a more proactive way.

I commend the Executives Online management and whole team for developing a successful concept that not only works for me and the candidate and customer, but in addition oozes credibility and integrity.

Derek Ward, Franchisee, Executives Online UK North