Executive Recruitment Franchise Selection Process

The road to being awarded an Executives Online franchise is broken down into six sequential steps. This is a big decision for you and for us so it is important that a full evaluation of our system and your suitability to work our system takes place. Below are the stages that you will be taken through should you take the initial step to contact us.

STAGE ONE - Initial Contact

  • Information and introductory presentation provided to prospective franchisee
  • Prospective franchisee provides detailed personal information
  • Initial meeting arranged locally or via web conference/call

STAGE TWO - Presentation and Information Exchange

  • Provide Confidentiality Agreement
  • Meeting with Executives Online to discuss business plan
  • Template business plans provided
  • Disclosure Document if relevant

STAGE THREE - Business Plan Review

  • Review of Business Plan and Sales Projection
  • Meet/Contact existing franchisees
  • Revise Business Plan and sign off Key Performance Indicators

STAGE FOUR - Contract Review

  • Review of Franchise Contract
  • Franchisee to obtain independent legal advice

STAGE FIVE - Heads of Agreement

  • Sign Heads of Agreement
  • Payment of deposit fee
  • Website development commences
  • Undertake induction training prior to launch

STAGE SIX - Franchise Award

  • Franchise Agreement awarded, contracts signed and balance of initial Franchise Fee paid
  • Country/Regional website launched
  • Marketing campaigns commence