Profile of the Ideal Franchisee

An Executives Online franchisee can be either an individual looking to build their own professional services business, or an existing recruitment business looking to add executive recruitment and/or interim management to its portfolio of services.

The ideal franchisee will have the following characteristics:

  • Driven by success
  • Sales oriented mindset
  • Assertive yet professional
  • Cooperation and communication skills
  • Willingness for ongoing development

The ideal franchisee will possess:

  • Excellent networking skills
  • Lots of contacts or existing customers, including people likely to hire roles at the £70K+ level
  • Ability to generate own leads through hands-on business development activities
  • Track record in sales and marketing leading to growth of a business
  • Entrepreneurial outlook: you’ll be in a start-up company, yet backed by proven systems
  • Financial resources to pay the initial fee + six months working capital (living expenses)
  • Ability to focus 100% on building your Executives Online business (this is not a part-time opportunity)
  • Intention to embrace the Executives Online brand
  • More than a passing acquaintance with recruitment, and online methods

The ideal franchisee will possess a strong track record of business development, coupled with a strong network of contacts as prospective customers. While the Executives Online franchise proposition is unique among others in that our highly effective online marketing methods and well-positioned web site will deliver you some leads, the majority of opportunities you will source yourself.

Read profiles of successful Executives Online franchisees.

For territories outside the UK, we’ll look at the above criteria, but also those to do with the territory and its future development:

  • Does the aspiring franchise propose operating in an established interim market e.g. US, Canada, Scandinavia, or one where the concept is newer and less well-known?
  • Are business-to-business propositions successfully offered via the web channel?
  • Does the aspiring franchisee have a track record which indicates they might become a successful master franchisee in addition to building their own recruitment business?
  • Does the aspiring franchisee demonstrate the ability to work successfully with us as the franchisor; for example, having prior experience working inside companies headquartered elsewhere?

If an Executives Online franchise sounds as though it may be a fit, complete our franchise information request to download a copy of our prospectus. Read about the next steps, what the process from here will be in determining whether an Executives Online franchise is right for you.